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Social Trading

Broker Benefits

How does it work?

Find Traders

ShereIt helps amateur traders find the best traders from the trading feeds on their timeline. They can also find and follow the top traders from the dynamic list on the app.

Learn from the Top Traders

Traders can get valuable insights by viewing the profile and trading style of top traders. Traders can view their trades in real time and also analyse the performance of their investment portfolio.

Dialogue with the trading community

Traders can interact with other fellow traders by messaging them directly on the network. They can also comment on their trades in real time and rate their trades and tips based on their own research

Follow Top Traders

Traders can follow other traders on the network and get notifications of trades made by them in real time. They can view their trades as part of their timeline feed.

Copy Trades

In a few clicks, traders can copy trades made by other traders they follow. They can match portfolios of top traders and also organize their risk settings to ensure that they trade wisely and not blindly.

Social Analytics

Traders can view real time sentiments of the trading community around specific topics and engage with the most trending stocks or discussions on the network.

Trade Socially, but Wisely

Traders can match portfolios of top traders and also organize their risk settings to ensure that they trade wisely and not blindly.

Portfolio Analysis

Traders can view the portfolio of traders whom they follow on the network. They can see their open/closed trades and orders on the app.

Stock Analytics

Traders can get valuable stock analysis on the app. They can see what primary stocks are being traded on the network and get a detailed sector analysis.

Top Traders

Expert traders can earn more income on ShereIt through commissions on trades facilitated by them and copied by followers. They can benchmark themselves with other experts on the network to see how they are faring. ShereIt also encourages a healthy sharing of investment ideas without the need for financial advisor licenses.

Broker Deployment and Support

Complete white label service under your brand image and identity which integrates seamlessly with existing mobile broking app without any significant customisation. Offer Social Trading to your customers in weeks, not months, using the same level of encryption as major banks and financial entities

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